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These MIDI files can be played on basically any computer with a sound card.  It will invoke the windows media player or any program associated with the .mid file types.

To listen online simple right click the mouse on the song of interest and select "Open". 

To download do the same and select "Save Target As"

Enjoy from the 'Music Gospel Lab' TM

MIDI Samples

In His Time Arr. By A. Baxter

Hold Fast Till I come Arr. By A. Baxter

Higher Grounds Arr. M. Edwards

The Name Of Jesus Is So Sweet 

How Can I Ever Suffer

Never Have I Ever remixed

Oh How He Loves You and me

I Can't Give Up Now.  By Mary Mary

He's Listening To You

What More Could He Do (Arr by A. Baxter)

People Nee The Lord




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